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# 1 Suggestion: Better Info please
02-02-2010, 12:17 PM
Yesterday, I was in Earth Space dock. I right-clicked on a nearby ship and choose the info button. I got some very basic information about the ship and its captain, but I thought that beter information could be provided. I would like to see the types of equipment the ship or the character has equiped, so that I can make better tactical decisions about how to interact (aka attack) the target. For instance, while in space, if I know that my opponent has a disrupter cannon with a 45 degree firing arc, I can take actions to reduce the amount of time I spend within that firing zone. If the ship is equipped with photon mines, I know to keep my distance and avoid its rear flanks. On ground missions, if the enemy has an arc disruptor, I can avoid a direct head on confrontation and will instead focus on flanking my opponent in order to avoid being hit. In Star Trek, when a vessel or opponent is scanned, information such as its shielding type, weapon armanents and other pertinent information is provided so that the crew can make the best decisons for the situation. I suggest improving the information window to include some of this information so that we can make better tactical decisions. Additionally, in Star Trek, scans may not be able to penetrate some advanced shield types and cloaks. Therefore, I recommend that a balance be implemented that low level scanners be unable to scan vessels with substantially more advanced shields types. Just a thought, but I believe this could be beneficial to all of our Captains in order to make the best decisions for their ships. What do you think?

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