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# 1 State of play?
02-02-2010, 12:54 PM
How has the game been in the 6 hours i have refused to let myself be disconnected again during a mission just so i can log in and start again?

a few pointers of my own i would like to make. feel free to reply to mine and post your own but this isnt a thread to flame and abuse others, if you want to do that go and ask for a "spam forum"

the headstart was appalling to be honest, with more "unexpected downtime" than up. this is NOT "to be expected when it is a "bonus to preordering" and also before anyone bothers to compare the game to others such as wow - whose servers also go down - wow also offer alternative servers to play if one goes down and they also try and aim to keep their maintenance scheduled

if headstart was free why did i have to pay more for the game and bonuses to obtain the headstart than i would have if i had just bought the game AND bonuses an hour before the servers went live?

the game really does not require a death penalty so just let the subject die (no pun intended)

the game needs better server side tracking/logging. if i was to play another game and i had to kill x camps of klingon or gorn equivalent mobs, if i got disconnected from the server this seems to be one of the only games where the effort you put in prior to the DC is lost and you have to kill them all again.

what would be so wrong with creating multiple servers to help spread the load of the players? im not saying servers in the double/triple digits but maybe 3 or 4 max should do and you could even give them names such as Enterprise, Voyager etc etc. this way not only does it spread the load of the player base but it also gives something that wow DOESNT have. they could perform maintenace on 1 server at a time so reduce the amount of time that players are left without their ships

what about a public testing realm? that way before they apply major patches they can let the players WILLING to put up with possible crashes/malfunctions etc test the patches in a realtime environment rather than install a patch just to have to uninstall it due to an unforseen but apparent glitch without the constant complaining from the general player base who merely want to play an apparently complete and foolproof game at their leisure

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