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01-21-2014, 07:20 AM
You have 100.000 fc, thats less then 1 starbase project at tier 4.
I think you even have less fc's then the amount that 1 provicion project give fc out.
So 100.000 is very low, only if you just joint the fleet its ok.
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01-21-2014, 03:04 PM
Let's put it this way...

It seems to me that very small fleets and very large fleets don't really have a big issue with granting store access to members for little or nothing.

Small fleets, like mine, can end up with more provisions than they can use. Depends on the projects we run. I don't know much about the experience of large fleets, except what I read here on the forums, but there are other limiting factors besides permissions.

Up till now, I've set the bar at about 15K in donations (per the leaderboard) and grant access to all of that member's alts as well and we still have spare provisions. I set the bar low to encourage people to contribute.

But those provisioning projects do come at a cost, and fleet permissions are the only available mechanism available to gate who can use those provisions. If we suddenly got much bigger or more of our members suddenly became active contributors and store users, I might have to gate provisions more aggressively.

It's reasonable for contributing members to expect that they will get access to provisions over someone who contributes only enough to get by or who comes in from another fleet with a stockpile of fleet credits and never contributed at all. It's only fair, and it creates an incentive for people to keep contributing.

On the other hand, it is also expected that fleet leaders will sacrifice for their fleet members and give more than they take. That's true in my case (I've spent way more FC's on the fleet than on myself), and it's especially true in the case of my top contributors. You can't buy that kind of dedication.

So, the question any fleet member has to ask themselves is whether there's a give-and-take vibe of cooperation going on in their fleet, or if they're just a number inflating the roster count.

If you are contributing, but not reaping the rewards of being in a fleet, it might be time to find another one -- as long as you understand that some of those rewards have to be deferred for a time when the fleet is advanced enough to support them. If you "gotta have it now", then you better look for a T5 superfleet with openings and hope they don't use you for cannon fodder.
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01-21-2014, 03:29 PM
Originally Posted by rickdanko View Post
Only Admiral Ackbar knows for sure.
You my good fellow posses a singular wit. Very funny.
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01-23-2014, 06:05 AM
I grant people access at the 3rd rank from the bottom, which requires 100k in total contributions. My fleet is a level 16. There has been a great amount of work going in so we cant afford to give the farm away for free. I normally am not too strict on this guideline. If I see someone as being active and is on Ventrillo or fleet chat, I normally cut the person a break.

The limits are there to keep people from doing the bare min and leaving.

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