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A little foreword before I get into explaining the race. When I was looking at the character creation options, I stopped as thought about what could i do to make my own. After a tiny bit of working around and fiddling with it I made the Vis'starian people of the planet Vis'stari. Mainly this is to give some other people choices for another character or bridge officers that would have some rebuilt background. I hope you enjoy this and the guide on how to make them is after this short back story to their race. (later I will add screenies of how some of them I made look.

Vis'stari, a planet still lush and full of beauty. Upon this planet are the little know Vis'starians. Only recently after preforming their first ever warp drive test, they were accepted into the Federation of Planets. This young species is filled with a large amount of rather proud warriors. All Vis'starians undergo ancient rituals that honor their family's ancestors and place upon them "The Mark of Their Ancestors." Whereas they still hold close to their ancient ways, it does not stop them from furthering their race. Prime Vis'starian are part of one of the ruling family houses on their planet. These houses consist of all members of their family, either you are married into the family or part of it by right of birth. Marriage among their people does not go upon the basis of female or male but by the basis of family. For example, if a female member of house Sal'dari was to marry a male member of house Si'kal, the last name of the male member would become Sal'dari and his middle name would become Si'kal. This is done to both honor where he has come from and where he is now. After the Klingon Empire decided to wage open war against the Federation, the planet Vis'stari was given its chance to fully emerge into the galactic community. With the Federation recruiting any able bodied person for their fleet, Vis'starians eagerly moved to sign up. Some Vis'stari were sent first before any others to the Federation in order to display the prowess of their species. After the Borg attack on the Vega colony, the Federation had no other choice but to accept open recruiting of the Vis'starian people. Whereas there are a few powerful family banners heading the Vis'starian march to galactic representation, their are those few who still have yet to be noticed.

As Far as physical looks the Vis'starians are rather tall (Males between 6 and 6'4. Females between 5'11 and 6'1). The horns placed upon their head are a show of family heritage being as such that the larger horns are most commonly only see in a older and more prominent family(Alien horns decorated and large for a more powerful family and the small horns of a lesser family). Their ears are rather strange, looking more as if fin like protrusions from the sides of their head as well as being different for both male and female (males have coral 4 ear and females have the double coral ears that are smaller). The eyes are much like a lizards being that they are slitted. Being as such as a tribal race the markings of their ancestor are proudly displayed upon their face and sometimes their whole body (Pick a tattoo tribal and a spots design and fill out their detail amount, the little slide bar to the side). Being that Vis'stari is rather close to its solar systems sun, all members of their species have rather dark skin tones of blue, purple, black, and green hues(Darkest to second darkest color choices for skin). A strange bony ridge upon the top of their head shows of the slightly slopped cranium (bony ridge forehead and category ridged or smooth ridged for the head and slope the cranium slightly. Larger heads for males then females. Go about almost to max head size for males and less for females. This is a hairless race). They have a slightly plated nose that is easily noticeable (Boraalan nose detail and max out the slide bar). Their shoulders are broad and thick for both female and males (Go about 3/4 the way into shoulder wide and somewhere near the liking of shoulder bulk to match the width, normally I go midway. Your choice on that one). Even with all their strange alien body designs, they still have a normal leg to torso length and rather human like hands (keep torso length at 1/2 and leg length at about 1/2 and the hands stanard) .Their facial lines that seem to be the cause of their nearby sun only seem to heighten their intimidating appearance (Kobali base complexion). Prime traits normally seen in both genders are typically being both stubborn and aggressive. With the physical appearance of the Vis'stari now firmly set into your mind be aware that they culturally tend to find it offensive to run from battle or give up on anything, dishonor ones ancestors, and betray any allies of the race. If any such thing is committed by a Vis'stari their last name is stripper and are hereby renamed Sa'Kar meaning The Exiled. All communications and knowledge that this person existed are erased from their ancestral halls (If you make a Vis'stari part of the Klingon Empire their last name is Sa'Kar for their betrayal). All Vis'starian ancestral names tend to have a I within the first two letters or last two letters (Example Ar'sali or Aie'ralus).

EDIT: I forgot to mention lifespans. The normal lifespan of a Vis'starian is around 150 earth years.
As I decide to add more information on them it will show p here in this edit block

Screen Shots Are as followed for examples for both female and males. I wish I could show scales that the character creator has but they do not save int he screen shot
Vis'stari male with lesser horns (the nose on these males for some reason look bad it shouldn't be that stubbed)
Vis'stari male with greater horns (the nose on these males for some reason look bad it shouldn't be that stubbed)
Vis'stari female with lesser horns
Vis'stari female with greater horns

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