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Greetings fellow RPers! I recently started a Star Trek Mass Effect Crossover RP on the Nationstates forums, and am looking for more players with an interest in Star Trek or Mass Effect. Here's the RP background:

The Federation 4th Fleet is deployed to the Neutral Zone after Starfleet Command was informed of a Borg Cube in the area. When the fleet arrives, they find the Cube attempting to generate a temporal vortex and engage it; however their attack destabilized the vortex and brought both the Cube and the fleet not through time but into another Universe. When the task force arrives they find no sign of the Cube, and instead run into an Alliance ship from whom they learn where they are, of the ongoing Reaper invasion that threatens the entire Galaxy, and of a rumor that an abnormal Reaper was spotted whose description is eerily similar to ships that have undergone assimilation...

If you're interested in joining, please fill out an application at the link below. Thanks for your interest!

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02-03-2014, 02:27 AM
Hows this going? Actually seems very interesting to me. I took a peek at the thread you linked, looks similar to an RP group I did with a group of friends years ago, fleet style RP with multiple ships and such, always a great time since it means lots of things to blow up instead of just a single character
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02-03-2014, 09:13 PM
The RP has been going well so far, it's still pretty young, and most of the posts so far have been introductions and early negotiations, so it's still at a point where new RPers should find it easy to join. Once we've gotten a little further along in the RP I'm planning on having battles with Reapers and eventually Assimilated Reapers, so there'll be no shortage of things for players to blow up

If you're interested, feel free to put up an app; new players are always welcome!

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