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My apologies if this question has been answered before.....

I am creating a Science Officer to pilot a science vessel at tier 5. My questions applies to other areas but specifically to Starship Engineering skills. The third engineering tier is efficiency in the 4 systems, weapons, engines, shields and Aux. The description is a little vague and I need clarification. The description below is from Starship Auxiliary System Efficiency.

Starship Auxiliary System Efficiency Starfleet Commander.

Starship Auxiliary System Efficiency.
Starship Auxiliary Power level.

This skill improves starship auxiliary power abilities.

Examples include Emergency Power to Auxiliary.

Learning all 9 ranks unlocks the skill to train offices Emergency Power to Auxiliary III.

Does this skill also increase your over all power level and efficiency to the Aux systems or just an increase to your BOs abilities? In other words will I have extra Aux Power and use it more efficiently?


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