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# 1 Player LC Submission Ideas
01-22-2014, 11:45 AM
UPDATED: This thread is for idea submission only!

A new Discussion Thread has been posted here for all your conversations about these ideas.

Please keep this thread uncluttered with LC Topic submissions only, to make it easier to find these player submitted ideas for the challenges. There were 23 pages of non-idea-submission posts in here! Lets keep this thread on topic.


As suggested in the LC 57 discussion thread. Post ideas for future LCs here and hope that BranFlakes is paying attention.

I'll start it off:

"When on a standard patrol mission (is there such a thing?), your ship runs afoul of some random wormhole and gets thrown clear to the Andromeda galaxy. Write a log about that you encounter there and how you get back."

Please contribute your ideas; that awesome Mirror Borg prompt was actually community-suggested. If enough of us work together, BranFlakes is sure to notice and consider some of our ideas!

Edit to add: Our new Supreme Overlord, the glorious CaptainSmirk, has decreed that every other LC will be from this thread, with multiples of 10 being reduxes. So LCs 61, 63, 65, 67, 69, 72, 74, and so on will be from this thread. Thanks, Smirk! You rock!


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# 2
01-22-2014, 02:00 PM
"Movie Night"

"You and your ship has been selected by the hottest film director in 2414 Hollywood to be the muse of his latest movie. He and his film crew have decided to shoot their entire film aboard your vessel and then premiere it on Earth. Is it a documentary? An action film? Romance? Does the entire shoot go smoothly or are there "unexpected cameos" by enemy Klingons or Borg? Write about the experience having someone film you and your crew or write a log about how the premiere went and if your Captain enjoyed the portrayal of themselves or the ship."
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# 3
01-22-2014, 05:00 PM
"The Court Martial" - in which one of your officers (or even the Captain!) must stand trial for their actions.

"The Officer Exchange" - in which one of your bridge officers is selected to serve a tour on a ship from the opposing faction.

"Time after Time" - in which you and your ship are caught in a time loop, in which you and your ship are caught in a time loop, in which you and your ship are caught in a time loop...

[edit](by the way, OP, the LC topics are pulled out of a hat by our PWE community manager Brandon "Branflakes" Felczer, not by any of the Cryptic dev staff.)[/edit]

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# 4
01-23-2014, 10:25 AM
New LC ideas.

"The Captain who would be King"

"During a routine expedition through the Gamma Quadrant, you discover a planet rich with natural resources. As you beam down to take sample readings, you are spotted by the pre-warp inhabitants, who view you as a god and demand you remain on their planet to serve as their king. How will you get out of this? Write a log detailing your escape or how your reign went."

"The Next Generation"

"While exploring in the Azure Nebula, you come across a temporal anomaly. As you are scanning it, the anomaly ruptures and you discover a ship coming through it. The captain opens a hail to you and reveals that they are from the 26th century and that their ship is your ship's successor! Write a log about the experience. What was the future crew like? What has changed aboard the new vessel? What is the same? Are you still aboard it?"

"Et Q, Brutus?"

"While you are enjoying a nice shore leave, you are suddenly transported into the realm of the Q Continuum. You find yourself standing between two Q who are having a quarrel over something and they have decided to choose a third party "at random" and that party happens to be you. What are the Q fighting about? How do you resolve this peacefully and without this ending with your being turned into a Tribble?"

"A Wonderful Life"

"After a long day on the bridge, you hop into bed. When you awake, however, you find yourself no longer the captain of the ship! In fact, you've never been born at all! What is going on? Who is behind this? What is this reality like to you? Write a log about the events and/or how you solved the problem that led to your "unbeing" and returned to normality."
"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP"

-Leonard Nimoy, RIP

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# 5
01-23-2014, 10:56 AM
I have one!! The Kaizons are in trouble and manage to send a delegate through a prototype slipstream shuttle, to look for Janeway. The technology they have recently acquired manages to gain the attention of a higher level of being, supposedly stolen from them by a Kaizon raid or something or even a by luck chance discovery. Their race is being held for sentencing on forbidden tech and that young Kaizon that helped Janeway before, needs her help now for her people.

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# 6
01-23-2014, 11:07 AM
"Visit To a Weird Planet, Revisited - Again"

As your away team materializes on the transporter pad, you realize that you don't recognize the place, or the people in it. A large crane swings away, as a man shouts, "Dammit, what's wrong with those lights? Okay, everybody, break for lunch while we figure this out!" You realize that the room lacks some walls - and a roof. Outside a window, you can see what turns out to be early-21st-century Earth, and not the one from your history books, either. You're in a movie set, and everyone thinks you're actors portraying yourselves as fictional characters!

What do you do now? How do you get back home? Or do you?
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# 7 My Two Cents...
01-23-2014, 03:29 PM
I so wanna put one out now, as well as suggest this thread should be stickied for future ideas, if only for the players:

#1 "Showtime": A group of your finest officers from the whole ship approached you wishing to authorize a play for off-duty officers to enjoy. Was it a traditional Klingon Opera? A comedy, musical, or something entirely different? Did tragedy strike at the last minute and cause your captain to have to fill in? Write a log or viewpoint of your captain on how it went, and if you'll schedule another play anytime soon.

#2 "Poker Night": It's poker night for your Senior Officers, and they have decided to ask you, their Captain, to join their game for the night. Did you play the game, or were you the dealer? Did you win or lose? What kind of rumors did you hear or dispel? Did you enjoy the game or go to get to know your crew better?

#3 "The Brig": While using a shuttle to get to the contested portion of the sphere, your shuttle was ambushed and taken captive by a Voth Palisade Frigate. You were thrown into the enemies brig, along with the shuttles other occupants. What happened on the ship? Were you confronted by the Voth, interrogated, or questioned? How did you escape? Were you the only one to escape, or did your crew come and rescue everyone?
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# 8
01-24-2014, 11:31 AM
Another idea:

Trouble in Paradise.

Your ship is thrown headlong through a negative space wedgie, crash-landing dramatically on a strange planet. It is paradise; lots of edible plants, many small, fuzzy animals, and fresh, clean water. It is pleasantly temperate and sunny, and all of the crew soon find that they are growing and/or staying younger, and their injuries heal incredibly quickly.

Except for one person.

For whatever reason, some aspect of the local environment is highly toxic to one member of your crew (or the Captain). He, she, intersex, or it suffers from physical and mental degradation, starting slowly but rapidly worsening.

What do you do now?
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# 9 More, more, more!
01-24-2014, 08:21 PM
Jut came to me while cross referencing "Jane T. Kirk"...

#1 "Djinn in a Bottle": Stardate 6618.4, James T. Kirk, met a most malevolent entity calling itself the Djinn, who killed a whole colony to keep its power ahead of mankinds. Now, you too have come across the Djinn, and now make a report to Starfleet about the event. What happened? Was it the same Djinn, or a new entity? Was he/she friendly, or as malevolent as before? Write a captain's log on how you dealt with this being, and your experience.

#2 "Gender Swap": On a routine exploration mission to an unknown planet, a spacial anomaly forms near your ship, causing emergency beam-outs back to the ship. As the last person to beam out, your captain has accidentally been swapped out and into a gender bent universe! Nothing is the same and hilarity ensues, until the opposites say they can send your captain back through an identical spacial anomaly. How did your gender opposites react to you? How did you return home? Did your perspectives on your crew change in this universe? Write a captain's log to describe your hilarious misadventure!
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# 10
01-25-2014, 06:20 AM
"The Obvious Weakness"

Warp field physics makes most ships to known Alpha and Beta Quadrant races extend their warp nacelles. This carries a number of advantages such as efficiency and speed - and disadvantages such as battle damage. In a harrowing battle with the Borg you barely survived, one or more of your ship's nacelles were sheared off, rendering warp drive inoperative and damaging power systems throughout your ship. Omega Force reinforcements will arrive in 48 hours... and Borg reinforcements will arrive in 24. Does your crew try to effect repairs? If so, how? If not, how does your crew prepare for the battle ahead with a badly crippled ship?

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