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02-27-2015, 04:14 PM
That's doable. I know what D'trel would say, for sure.
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03-09-2015, 08:38 PM
"System Flag: Delta": It is late 2408, almost near the beggining of 2409, and plans for the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2409 have begun. Then the computer systems began to flag certain graduates. The code came from nowhere, out of the blue, and marked 47% of the Class of 2409. Will this code be revealed, or will the Academy Instructors keep it under wraps, will a Engineering Cadet stumble across the Flag, or did someone leek the information on the Academy whether electronic or paper. And the Mystery Remains, Where did the code come from?

"The Ripple Effect: Protocol Delta": It's 2410, The Vaadwaur threat has passed for now, the Kobali have made attempts to open themselves up to changing times, and while rogue elements tend to clash within the Delta Quadrant Alliance, everything seems to be going right for a change. Then it happens. You wake up to find some small detail has changed, and a Delta symbol has locked down your personal computer. Then you realize your memories have been altered slightly to include a new face, another person; perhaps the data package downloaded onto your computer has the answers. Protocol Delta
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03-21-2015, 10:12 AM
Something partly inspired by Ael t'Kazanak turning up to teach a course in Academy Daze:

"Teaching the Next Generation"

You've been rotated off the front lines to spend a tour back home as an instructor at your service academy, or perhaps to give a guest lecture at the Academy or at a civilian university that hosts an ROTC battalion or two.

What's your subject matter? How does the next class of cadets, mangHompu', or eredhin react to being taught by an officer with your service record? How do you respond to their questions? Is there something nefarious going on at Starfleet Academy, Klingon Academy, or the newly opened Phi'lasasam on New Romulus?
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We therefore commit his body to the deep, to be turned into corruption, looking for the resurrection of the body when the stars shall give up their dead.
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03-21-2015, 01:48 PM
"Happy Birthday!"

A member of your crew is another year older, and another year wiser, one hopes. Write a story or log entry detailing their birthday or lifeday celebration. Do Bajorans have birthday cake? Do Caitians blow out candles? Do Remans rip open wrapping paper? Do Gorn do something completely different?
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We therefore commit his body to the deep, to be turned into corruption, looking for the resurrection of the body when the stars shall give up their dead.
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03-24-2015, 12:23 PM
"The Arrival"

They are finally here. For decades, the Iconians have been quietly manipulating events in the Alpha Quadrant from their seclusion, subverting and weakening the galaxy. It was by their machinations that the Undine launched their war against solid-space, through which they pitted the Federation against the Klingons in a mutually destructive conflict. It was their servants who triggered the Hobus Detonaton that saw the virtual collapse of the Romulan Star Empire, and the subsequent abduction of Romulan colonies. And it was their recent influence that saw the resurgence of the Vaadwaur Supremacy in a conflict that set the Delta Quadrant ablaze.

And now, they believe the time is ripe for their invasion. Hidden gateways now tear open, and massive, ancient warships and warrior-constructs enter our galaxy as the Heralds of the Iconians make their presence known. Against them, the Federation, Klingons, Romulans and their allies stand united.

Write about where your captain is, and what he/she is doing when the Herald invasion begins.
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Shortly after the original Enterprise leaves orbit from Camus II and warps out at warp 2, a mysterious and huge freighter ship controlled by eliments of Section 31, appears in the Camus system. The ship then enters orbit above Camus II, beams up the device used by Dr. Lester against James T. Kirk to steal his body. It then warps out, bound for a star system used by Section 31 for covert time travel in that region of space.

Jump foreward in time to present Star Date where your Ship is dispatched on an emergency covert operation to a former Imperial Romulan outpost. Your mission is to extract a Federation Operative with no physical description given, but who's response to your call sign is "Who". Make a log entry that describes how you interacted with this individual.

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My first post here! Yay...

"The 20th Century"
Through one contrived circumstance or another, your ship and crew find themselves having traveled back in time to Earth's 20th century, because these are the sorts of things that happen to starships even if they're in the Delta quadrant. By hook or by crook, the ship and crew must do whatever needs to be done in the 20th century and return to their own time without causing any disruptions. Submitter's choice as to whether to go for a dark and serious approach a la "City on the Edge or Forever," or a more comedic approach a la Star Trek IV: the Voyage Home. Bonus points if the submitter's characters are Romulans or Klingons and so therefore hilariously out of their element.

Will your intrepid crew have to survive the trenches of World War I? Avoid the gangsters of the Depression? Fight against the Japanese in World War II? Avoid the Red Scare? Prevent someone from changing the course of the Vietnam War? Get trapped fighting in the Eugenics Wars? Or perhaps even meet the cast and crew of that pop-culture sci-fi phenomenon Galaxy Quest? The choices are yours, and yours alone!

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"A Favor:"

Q was apparently running low on ships during his birthday, or maybe he's tapped your captain for something and it demands repayment. Q is offering a guaranteed, no-messing-with-you-literal-genie-style-I-swear chance to change a single detail of your captain or your bridge crew's history to anything else. Sure, it's probably a mistake and you should walk away, but... still.
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