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12-08-2014, 08:49 AM
"A.I.: Artificial Intelligence"
Most starships going back to Kirk's time if not earlier have a weak AI aboard that provides the voice of the ship's computer. It can answer queries but it's not intelligent enough to hold a conversation. But your government has decided to experiment once again with strong, i.e. fully sapient, artificial intelligence, on the level of the Soong-type androids, despite past catastrophes such as M-5, and your ship has been selected for the test program.

How do your captain and crew react? What is your new AI like personality-wise? Does xe rebel against your control or remain scrupulously loyal and helpful? Must they be deactivated for the greater good, or do they become an integral, permanent part of your crew?
Inspired jointly by Original Sin and the Mass Effect series.
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"Origins of Boffs":

Everyone has a story--but we've all heard the backstories of what seems like every Captain in the galaxy, from Kirk wannabes to self-styled Janeways to bad Picard ripoffs to people who really, really need to have the f*cking universe get off their case for a while, even those who really don't give one single iota of care about basically anything else in the universe and are just trolling everything there is for laughs.

Let's hear your Captain's most trusted officers' stories. Why did they join [insert faction and faction's fleet here]? Why do they tolerate working for this crazy monster/space gigolo/revenge-bound Determinator/giant lizard badass who makes everyone else look bad/incompetent fool/head-scratchingly stupid madman/terminal nerd? Do they have family outside of their comrades? Friends? Lives that they left behind?

Give your bridge officers a day in the sun.
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"Feet of Clay"

Nobody is completely good or completely evil. The legendary James Kirk, explorer and pioneer, was also a womanizer who never met a rule he didn't want to break. Jean-Luc Picard, great diplomat and reluctant warrior, was a bit of a martinet who would let an entire planet die rather than violate the Prime Directive in any way at all. Benjamin Sisko, hero of the Second Battle of Deep Space Nine, abandoned his Starfleet oath and obligation to serve as a religious figure for a foreign power.

On the other side of the coin, Khan Noonien Singh, dictator and tyrant, expected absolute loyalty from his men - and gave absolute loyalty in return. Col. Green, terrorist and warmonger, sincerely thought he was fighting for the best possible future for his planet and his people.

Who does your captain look up to? And how does he/she react when the idol has feet of clay? Conversely, how does he/she react when the weaknesses are overshadowed by the virtues?
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While in deep space, a sudden plague is found on board. But it's been weeks since the last contact with an alien species and the cargo holds are empty. So where did this disease come from? Is it a deadly disease that kills in hours, or something as harmless as a common cold that turns everyone's skin blue? How badly is it affecting your crew and can your doctor hope to find a cure in time before everyone sucumbs? Alot of captains are used to dealing with enemies they can threaten and shoot, now it's time to see how they react when there is no clear foe.

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Couple of classical character plots here:

"Old Flame"

They say love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Once upon a time, your character was deeply in love with another, but it ended. Now, years later, your latest mission brings you and your ex back into contact. The rest is up to you.

"Vengeance Is Mine"

Revenge for past wrongs, among the oldest motives in fiction. Was it for the death of a loved one? A betrayal against you? Hobus? Did they follow through, or pull back from the brink? Spin a yarn about the culmination of a quest for revenge.
Capt. Kanril Eleya, U.S.S. Andraste, Strike Team Alpha

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