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# 1 Greetings Everyone!
02-02-2010, 02:19 PM
Greetings Everyone,

In STO ill be going by the name Kriet. A little about my MMO Background seems in order.
From the start of Beta Testing I was with EQ as Skanlin, a dwarf priest, Played SWG for a while as Mirsto Avangil and then moved to City of Heroes (dont remember that toons name). All the while I was Beta Testing WoW and going head long into WoW with, until recently, my only level 80 toon Gasta of Zangarmarsh. Ive kicked around in LOTR Online as well as Eve but my primary game was and still is at this time WoW. Tough to break away from family you know. Any who thats pretty much my MMO resume if you will. I look forward to the possibility that this can replace WoW at some point. Safe Travels and hope to see you all in the Alpha Quadrant!


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