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02-15-2010, 06:03 PM
Originally Posted by BSxpress View Post
While this is nice to hear.... its kind of a "Duh" moment for Cryptic. Those of us in beta have been telling them for weeks that they needed to increase capacity. So any pains experienced during this week should be not be written off as "launch pains". They've known about this problem for some time, the fact it wasn't fixed before launch shows they still have much to learn when releasing an MMO.
Beta players can point to tons of things and say, we told you so but you didn't believe us. None the less this seems like a positive step. I suspect more a small carrot than piece of pie but hey, it's an improvement. I've never had problems getting in. It's finding something to do after I'm online. Oh well there are the crashes. Is this supposed to help with the crashes? That's different than login issues.

Any step in a positive direction is a gain in my book.
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See Planed and Forecast and exceed the fondest dreams .... The They Improvise adapt over come... I bet they barely had time to sort the recycling and empty the coffee cup trash bin in the break room [but no sleeping in your cubicle]

if you dont know where you are we cant help.

Im jaded by my passion for past successful on-line TRek products.

What I found in Beta was a useful information system with many expected Space Holders like MEmory Alpha .. The Delivery Mission to make you aware of the Facilities function was nice. The Environment lush with a mods style with plenty of room for growth.

What I also found was a system unprepared for the numbers of issued Beta keys. Going Live solved that.
But If I had not been active i n the Forum following the DEV process..
The incredible difficulty in D/L at fast Internet showed even File planet pressed to deliver as a partner.
Due to the short duration of Open and the emphasis on going Live and not delaying as Champions on-line had to..Meant that if sever Client access was messed up by a file you could kiss much of beta good bye as no priority was on fixing a temporary arrangement. Lost 2.5 days of a very busy short week to this.
the Customer Service Help line was flooded and impossible to reach over an hour on long distance was brutal on the phone bill to have no connection. In a month or 2 after you have the servers in good shape i'll take a look. I like the company and the product.. But I see room for a 14 day trial no matter how many subs you sell.

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