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I recall a dev post--by Zinc I think--that mentioned we would be getting more ship components to customize with. While these will probably come through the C-store, I honestly don't mind paying a little extra to make my ship a little more unique.

Since there's a costume request thread in the Bridge Officers forum, I thought I'd start up a similar thread here. To start:

- Excelsior components for T2 cruisers, especially the 90-degree bent warp nacelle pylons
- Ambassdor components for the T4 cruisers
- Wider variety of sensor pods for the T5 Recon Science Vessels, especially along the lines of the Nebula class pods
- A cyllindrical secondary hull for T3 Science Vessels to get more of a Daedalus look
- wing-like pylons for the T4 Science Vessels so that something vaguely resembling the Yeager class can be built
- Selectable deflector dishs patterns (TMP, TNG, VOY) and colors, especially on ships where the deflector is prominent
- Klingon ship customization in general needs to be possible, with major parts being wing styles, "necks," nacelles, "heads" or command hulls, and various styles of cannons and beam emitters for weapons hardpoints

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