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# 1 Wish me luck!
02-02-2010, 03:43 PM
Since 1/20 when they did that major patch update and removed the level cap from OB I have been getting the corrupt pig file errors. This last week I have been unable to play as I have been reinstalling the game many many times and then when that did not work I did a complete wipe of my os and a reinstall of windows vista 64 (it was overdue anyway)!

I like a challenge I really do...but this last week has tested even my patience. And today to top things off I was notified via email that my atari digital pre order from the 20th was declined, yet i was able to go and buy the deluxe edition on the same CC??

Anyway to make a way to long story short (er) I am re downloading the game, and just to be on the safe side am sacrificing small stuffed animals in the hopes this will actually work!

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