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Disclaimer, I am not against having a skillcap. I am against the way it is currently structured.

Here is my solution to the current issue of not having enough points to spend at the admiral tier, and having to focus on all space skills.

Proposal - Break the trees into Space/Ground skillsets. For every 1 skillpoint earned award .5 ground skillpoints.

This would allow the 60,700 points gained to be used only on space based skills. Opening up some real options for players to be inventive with their chars.

This would allow players to have 30,350 pts to be placed into ground combat skills. Allowing for balanced characters.

Space and ground are both required parts of the game, you really shouldn't have to make a decision on where to specialize when you are forced to play both aspects to progress.

The mechanic is already in the game, when you complete a mission now, you recieve x skill pts, x bo skill pts etc.... I admit the .5 number may need some tweaking, based on the amount of pts vs cost to spend (at work and unable to count them up) The trees could also stand to have some items moved around a touch (example - energy weapon specilizations should all be on the same tier to start with)


Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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02-02-2010, 06:03 PM
I am not against this, but if this were to happen, it needs to be expanded upon, as this idea completely ignores most of the brokeness of our skill tree.

Tier 3/4 Ship Skills (Useless)
Tier 4/5 Weapons (Beam and Projectile)
The inability to obtain more than a single Tier 5 Skill at max level

Unless they redo the skills (in essence, the tree itself) it will remain broken, as the tree was built under a capless system.

In either way, implementing this kind of change post launch will be less than ideal. Needed, but not the ideal route.

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