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I noticed that when I went and visited the bridge of my ship (Future Bridge, to be more specific... though it's hardly different from the others) that my Borg bridge officer did not show up.

Now, before I got the Borg bridge officer, I had my six slots filled up. The one I removed was a Vulcan tactical officer I had invested very little in, so I did not mind the loss overmuch. That vulcan only showed up in my away teams... but she still appeared on my bridge, working at one of the aft stations.

By then, I effectively had no more non-BOFF npcs on my bridge. All were my bridge officers.

Now that I took out this vulcan tactical officer and replaced her with by Borg BOFF, the Borg doesn't show up on the bridge. The missing vulcan was replaced by a bajoran female crewmember.

I tried toying around with bridge stations, assigning her to one... but that did not work. I removed everyone and only assigned her... and nothing changed.

Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue? Am I doing something wrong? Could this be fixed somehow?

I'd appreciate your help and input. Thank you.

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