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02-04-2010, 10:52 AM
Try getting anything over a green drop while you are lvl 6-10. It's either 100% pure luck on a rare drop, or a 0% chance on a high score in a fleet mission. maybe when the lvl 11-17's quit farming the low level fleet encounters others will have a chance. until then I would wager the majority of Fed players in T1 PvP scenarios are going to be outgeared by the starter Klingon gear.

Yes, some people will have some nice greens and maybe a blue or two, but the vast majority are going to be running around with MKII Whites or various sorts.

I Honestly do not want to see any classes/ships nerfed. I just want to see some sort of viable tactics for both sides that does not include a Phaser Ball of Feds floating in space waiting for a cloak ball of Klingons to ambush them. If both sides want to win thats what it has devolved into. Feds too smart to chase and Klingons too smart to attack the Phaser Ball.
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02-04-2010, 10:54 AM
So far I have just found that the most organized team wins.
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02-04-2010, 11:29 AM
Originally Posted by ValentineWolfe
So why are you attacking the one that can cloak, hit the raptor ><
Also no one has taken into consideration feds have science and engie's that can heal.
I have played games where feds had 2-3 healers and we lost cause we could not take any of them down. (we had no healers rly)
So nerf fed heals lol.
I havent played Klingons much (level 8 i believe), so they cant have science and engeniers that heal and buff? Or you just dont have any? Right now the KDF is side is like playing an old Asian MMORPG, grind, grind, grind, play that same mission ove rna over and ....

I had toyed with the Idea of playing KDF just simply as I havent seen alot, not many are going to do the work it takes (till more PvE is in game) etc.. I prefer Healing type classes so would be Eng or Sci, but..

I was always under the imprestion the classes (and abilites) where basicly the same, wepons varied (but a pahzer that does 110DPS and a disrupter that does 110 DPS (sorta a wash, except with negating powers for specific weapons). The ships where different but in trivial ways.
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02-04-2010, 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by Ragerx
Its grossly broken. Klingons can **** and pillage at will, take almost 100% damage then cloak and fade away while all the other Klingons you havent been shooting at kill you. And if you are lucky enough to live by the time you have shifted to another target that takes massive damage and cloaked away the first one you crippled has decloaked and repaired to shoot you some more. Cloaking devices need some rules, making them inoperatvie after a certain amount of damage would make it better. Because the same tactics of "group up to survive Feds" (and even then you will get owned eventually) makes for bored, tired and upset players. I have been on Fed teams that have ripped Klingons up but they just band together in a big cloaked group and end up owning a full squad of Fed ships anyways. Cloaking devices need Nerfed!!
Klingons were NURFED hard already. They were just dialed back a little bit the other way. Keep in mind that most people who are playing Kling, played in closed and open beta- they have been pvping for months. Play for a few days before you call in the nurf gun on anything you cant quickly over come.

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