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# 1 Transwarp Conduit to Earth
02-04-2010, 03:42 AM
The Effects look fabulous.. They look like they would sound even more epic.. but.. oh wait.. Whats that... Silence? YES!! Why is it when you Transwarp at all, you see alot.. but hear nothing?

Cryptic.. this is straight unacceptable..

PLEASE.. get your high payed Sound guy and have him MAKE or Steal some good Transwarp sounds.. and add them to that little thing please.. Thanks!

I mean.. its not like you have not already reused City of Hero's / Villains sounds in STO.. I know.. I was a long time Veteran of CoX... and its kinda disheartening when I swing my Bat'leth and hear the same sound I did for years from a Scrapper in City of Heroes when he swung his Blades around.. In CoX, the sounds were awesome..

In STO.. the sounds are just lame and make me feel ripped off and cheapened.. Its my opinion.. I love the game.. but there is definitely alot of things that are still in need of being done.. These things are just a couple..


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