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Yesterday i really had a blast teaming up together with a friend.

I can safely say that i haven't had performance issues like in the last weaks. Servers where stable and i had no lag (only two minor 1 second lags..but thats all there was).

Combat wasn't that easy anymore. It felt much better. It wasn't to easy and not to hard. Was like the golden middle.

Even the loot drops where far better. I lootet a couple MKIV things on the ground and in space (I'm Lt. Cmdr at present)

Was really great

The cruiser felt like it could handle enough fire from 3 +4 ships...while my friend in the escort really did some damage

I would consider it a great start for an offical launch...considering it is an MMO
I suppose there are still some bugs floating around and we have to turn some screws but in generall it felt great.

If it goes in this direction than we can start adding content and building some features in we wanted since...CB

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