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01-30-2014, 12:14 PM
My first video is up covering the 4th year anniversary, Intro to Season 8.5

Got a lot more to cover, next I'll be recording the QMendation daily and such. Then I'll play the Featured Episode Mission.

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01-30-2014, 12:20 PM
Originally Posted by hravik View Post
I'm an MMO player going all the way back to the early early days of EverQuest. Heck, I still have the yellow CD of the original game that has 989 Studios on it. Believe me when I say I know what grind is. Heck, simple things like leveling in EQ makes anything STO has for grind look like chump change. As someone that played a Dark Elf Warrior back in the day when things like that made a difference in the game, I can share some horror stories about what grind and difficulty means.

The problem I have isn't the grind itself. In EQ, at least for me, the grind was a means to an end. Getting those levels, getting that shiny piece of loot, was my ticket to doing something more difficult. Lore fell from the sky if you cared to find it. The absolute need for teamwork was there. Even at higher levels there were places I dared not tread alone. (Kithicor Forrest after dark anyone?) Death penalties that lost XP, and could even lose levels. Corpse runs with no gear on, and heaven help you if your raid wiped in the Plane of Fear and you didn't have a Necromancer handy.

Now the problem I see in STO, is that grind goes nowhere, yet the grind itself is still pervasive. The only real goal is that next shiny, because there for dang sure isn't anything harder to do. There have been times I'm doing the Romulan patrol, and just bulldozing everything in my way. So I go to set difficulty to elite, only to find I'm already on elite. I suppose I could use lesser ships, or swap out to common gear, but why should I have to intentionally gimp myself just to find even a little challenge?

I love Trek, and I keep hoping this game will eventually go somewhere. Be it story, difficulty, or some form of raids. But instead we get more grind that leads nowhere heaped on top, and its getting tiresome.
So I've gathered it's not the grind in STO that annoys you per se; it's that the grind in STO doesn't reward you with the things you think it should (well, most of the things, since you're fine with grinding for "shinies", whether they be ships or swords.)

This was once a concern of mine as well. But it is no longer because I've come to enjoy the different styles of play that the classes and various vessels offer me. Yes, I may have done Conduit a hundred times, but the experience is very different on my T'Varo torp boat with a Tac captain versus my Engineer in her Odyssey. I also enjoy the challenge of "min maxing" my ships, though it's wholly unnecessary to complete the content.

Sorry to say, but it seems your desire for STO is quite different from what the developers and producers have decided for it. My recommendation is to try out some other MMOs, see if any suit your preferences better, and periodically come back to STO to experience the new periodic story content.
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01-30-2014, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by thedoctorbluebox View Post


BTW, I will be covering the full 4th Year Anniversary on my channel, full videos of playing through the featured episode, and a look at the new ships eventually, and the Q daily mission. I will cover as much as I can, so stay tuned for that.

Otherwise, watch this video above, you may be shocked at what the 4th Year Anniversary is all about this year, and how it differs from the past 3 years Anniversary's. I also explain how the new ship grind works.

Thanks for watching

Thank you for the 27 min video explaining what the anniversary event is all about. I found it very informative and you did not at all sound overly irritated. Ignore the trolls in this thread please.

Very well put when you said it could put a negative light on the FE episode with all the grinding.

Regarding your theory on them turning the game into a long grind so that they can create profit, it makes sense and I agree. However, that's not the problem in and of itself. The problem is the degree to which everything STO is becoming monetized and grindy. Skill points bonuses, cool down bonuses, space traits locked away behind lock boxes, uniforms locked away behind PWE's digital gaming platform. The slippery slope keeps getting more slippery and when every aspect of the game becomes a grind (including anniverary events) and PWE forces us to use it's digital platform, I too will draw the line.

To be brief, the grind for the anniversary ships and ev suits seems too much considering the anniversary event is supposed to be a celebration of star trek online and in the past, a time when Cryptic gave us fun missions to play through once to get a free ship. Once people figure out how bad it is, I think there will definitely be a lot of angry folks expressing their frustration and dismay on the forums. Only time will tell how bad the playerbase will reaction will be.

My own summary, paraphrasing your video:

Basically, 400 qmendations for one play through of the FE and the rest of the Qmendations (40 per) from the Q party mission (with cooldown). Meaning, 400 qmendations (one time reward for FE Playthrough) + 15 runs (600 qmendations) = 1000 qmendations (cost of dyson science destroyer)

3-piece set bonus comes from Reputation Dyson Destroyers. The Reputation ship by itself comes with the dyson warp core and secondary delector. FE must be repeated to get the other 2 pieces since playing it once gives you at only 1 of the total 3 Dyson space set pieces (those 3 pieces are the dyson engines, primary deflector, and shields).

Then, combine those 5 items (Vanilla Reputation Ship pieces: dyson secondary deflector and warp core; the Feature episode pieces: engines, shield, and primary deflector) with the 3 consoles from the c-store dyson 3 ship pack (one 3-pack for each faction to be released late Februaryish, Aprilish) to get a 4-piece bonus.

Plus, do 3 FE optionals to get the different EV suits and then turn those into the lobi store to get ones with increased stats and different visuals. Those upgraded lobi variant suits cost 50 lobis each.

There are two lobi suits which means you have to do 3 optionals X 2, all three pieces twice, because each lobi suit requires that you turn in the 3 different EV suits. 100 lobi total to get both EV suit variants.

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01-30-2014, 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by knuhteb5 View Post
Regarding your theory on them turning the game into a long grind so that they can create profit, it makes sense and I agree.
If the OP objects to Cryptic's development decisions on the grounds that they enable it to create profit, then it's a lame and ignorant response.

What else should a company strive for? To break even or even lose money?

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01-30-2014, 01:04 PM
Thanks for the very informative video mate. I am kind of sad now that I know whats involved in this supposed celebration of 4 years of service.

I'm not understanding how this is suppose to be an anniversary celebration when you have to spend your time grinding to enjoy this "free" anniversary ship. This should just be another mission, don't call it the anniversary event.
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01-30-2014, 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by flynn444 View Post
If the OP objects to Cryptic's development decisions on the grounds that they enable it to create profit, then it's a lame and ignorant response.

What else should a company strive for? To break even or even lose money?

I think he worded his argument incorrectly. It's not that he disagrees that they shouldn't find new ways of generating profit; every company does that. It's the degree to which the game is being monetized and made grindy that he objects to.

Also, please, oh please, stop arguing from the standpoint of an investor. It drives me absolute nuts on these forums when people argue against somebody's opinion because they say "Cryptic needs to make money" or "it's a bad investment decision." Unless you are an investor with stock in PWE, you are first and foremost a customer of PWE and broadly speaking, a consumer in the videogame market. Unless the board of directors is making such poor decisions that they begin to hurt the overall quality of a product and eventually the consumer, consumers aren't to be concerned with top-down investment decisions. Why should they be? Shouldn't our concern be the cost of a product and it's quality?

So assuming all companies strive to make the most money and always look for new means of making profit and assuming consumers always try get the best bang for their buck, there has to be a balance in there somewhere. You can't dismiss his argument simply because "companies must make money."
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01-30-2014, 01:31 PM
Lobi and no one has to grind for every toon or at all if they don't want.
I see nothing wrong with this business model. Anniversaries happen once a year, so save for it or just don't participate.

My guess is most people will do the grind...yes even all the qq'ers who say they wont.

Oh and it's great to be a LTS and get free zen every month, so the C-Store ship will cost me nothing.
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01-30-2014, 01:33 PM
ill only grind it for my science toon.
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01-30-2014, 01:45 PM
they did the same thing with the odasy and nobody bought them. so they decided to add a grind on top of it who makes the decisions there.
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01-30-2014, 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by gogereaver View Post
they did the same thing with the odasy and nobody bought them. so they decided to add a grind on top of it who makes the decisions there.
Nobody bought the Odyssey? Space was filled with them after the 3 pack was released. They were everywhere. You must be thinking of another ship.

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