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Dear Cryptic,

First of all good job. I've been following the STO struggle since your predecessors ended production in 2008. You guys picked up the ball and saw this project to completion. You guys have a lot of MMO experience and a lot of people were relieved to see you come to the rescue.

Good and Bad:

LORE: For the most part you did a great job on the lore. From the voice of spock at the intro to the ship classes and weapon names. You guys did your homework. There are some oversights however and I am CONFIDENT that every single trek fan south of the delta quadrant has stepped forward to correct you on that. My favorite oversight are the minors on Beytan that are worried about loosing their jobs to holograms. (Federation Humans live in a resource based economy. They don't use money, all labor is voluntary and not compelled.) That one is easy to overlook as the IP series really haven't mentioned it since Star Trek: The Voyage Home. Easy fix, there are lots of these oversights however, they are easy fixes. You got the bulk of it dead on and brought it in line with the most recent film. Which is a smart move I think.

Don't be afraid to make up your own- Races, ships, weapons etc. I know you are afraid to get too far off target by introducing new content which may be shot down by loyal trekkies that claim it was never in star trek. Don't be. That is what star trek was about. It was something new every episode. Something strange, something fun, something interesting, "to boldly go" and all that.

The Voice of the Hologram in the opening tutorial: Kill that man. Find him and kill him. He is a horrible voice actor. He must die. It only takes a minute of courage to save yourself from years of embarrassment. Once he is dead, re-record that segment. I'm just sayin....

Combat system: Fantastic Job. It is apparent that you have recognized the winning elements of games like starfleet command and star trek armada. Star Trek Legacy wasn't bad either. Great job on that. Color Customization for Phasers? Really? Can we have some conformity? Must everything be customized?

Content: Don't stop here. A game on this scale is going to require constant development and it has the potential to exceed the lifespans of most of today's MMOs. As the shows and films and themes of Star Trek continue to emerge and rehash themselves, everyone will continue to turn towards STO for their Star Trek Fix. We'll need constant development. Personally I would like to play a Romulan.... and not a Federation Romulan either. I want a tense moment when I meet a federation player character some where out in the neutral zone. "Engage Cloaking Device, bring the ship about."

So get busy, what are you reading this for?
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02-03-2010, 11:30 PM
hehe nice letter oh the EMH actor is Zachary Quinto

"Heroes" .... Sylar (58 episodes, 2006-2010)
Star Trek (2009) .... Spock
Star Trek Online (2010) (VG) (filming) (voice) .... Emegency Medical Hologram Mark VI
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02-04-2010, 12:23 AM
It was not the the way Zachary Quinto, um amazing actor actually, Heroes! Star Trek reboot jj abrams! he played Academy Spock! By the way its not the actor you should shoot. You should shoot the director who was directing him! I am a director in Hollywood by the why who directed Zachary on an episode of heroes!! he is an amazing actor!

you need to fix your letter!

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